Automated 3D Scanning

and AR Digitization As A Service

Seamlessly convert your physical inventory into immersive AR try ons and visualizations with our automated digitization rigs- in a matter of minutes.

As automated and hassle free as it gets

Our fully automated and proprietary digitization rigs are equipped to scan your physical products across 360 degrees and instantly create their accurate 3D & AR versions. 


Once scanned, these assets automatically get uploaded into your XR CMS account for you to manage, embed, publish and distribute across your website, app, social media and marketing campaigns.

Win over shoppers at scale, without scaling your efforts or costs

You don’t need to hire 3D experts and AR developers or buy 3D scanners and photography equipment to digitize your product inventory. We send you our digitization rig, free of charge to a location that aligns with your workflow- be it your inventory storage space or brand headquarters.
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