Offer Super Personalized Product Recommendations to Every Shopper-On Autopilot

Increase your online sales, conversions and cart value by recommending products that every shopper is most likely to buy

Collaborative recommendations

1. Collaborative Recommendations

Our technology is equipped to group shoppers that make similar purchase decisions and offer accurate product recommendations that match their specific buying preferences.

2. Style and Size Suggestions

From eyewear to shoes, our 3D and AR web viewer tracks key information such as your shoppers’:

  • facial and feet dimensions
  • facial and feet features
  • eye, skin and hair color
  • age, gender and ethnicity

Based on that, our smart AI personalization engine is equipped to recommend the size that’s right for them and suggest styles that shoppers similar to them have bought in the past. 

Personalization Engine Tailored to Work Out-Of-The-Box

Getting started with Designhubz’ AI Personalization Engine is as seamless as it gets. Our SDK easily integrates with every website builder and ecommerce platform. 

Quick Onboarding and Easy Integration

Our SDK can be integrated with your inventory library and frontend code in a matter of minutes.

Out-of-the-box recommendations

Once integrated, shoppers will start seeing product recommendations based on the activity data collected in real-time.

Gets Smarter and More Accurate On-The-Fly

As more shopper data gets collected, the more accurate and robust the recommendations get- all on autopilot.
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