Are you a furniture brand, retailer or reseller?

Whether you’re an online furniture store owner, retailer, wholesaler or manufacturer, Designhubz is delivering state-of-art augmented reality and 3D solutions and complete product visualisations for furniture companies through easy, hassle-free web-AR technologies

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Bring your furniture products to life with Augmented Reality

The impact of using AR for furniture commerce business.

Selling made easy with augmented reality! Empower your customers with a lifelike experience. Augmented reality versions of furniture help customers preview products in their own spaces, checking whether the item matches with the exact size or style of their space. This helps retailers move and accelerate the sales process of expensive and large products, reducing the return rate and growing their ROI.

Develop exclusive and immersive brand experiences

Online stores can benefit from an immersive and location-independent product experience on all platforms; be it on the web or mobile, products can be interacted with and experienced in an immersive way which significantly influences purchase decisions.
Experience AR & 3D with designhubz for your furniture business

  No App Needed : Transform your products with our Web-native 3D and AR solutions

  Plug and Play integration : Brands can quickly enable 3D visualization and AR to their products and go live instantly.

  Multi-Channel Support : Share your AR-enabled products anywhere, all ecommerce platforms are supported- through web or mobile and across all digital channels.

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