Consumer Survey: 9 out of 10 online shoppers Prefer Augmented Reality Experiences

We conducted a survey to highlight consumer response toward shopping in AR. The study shows that consumers are overwhelmingly positive about AR in retail.

AR offers a tremendous opportunity for any brand, especially retailers!

Consumers responded that they prefer to use AR as it helps them with their purchasing decisions by experiencing the products and interacting with them in immersive environments before buying. AR also helps them visualize the exact material, texture and color of the products which builds consumer confidence, brand loyalty, and drastically increase sales while decreasing high cost returns.

The results of the survey of more than 500 consumers clearly show that AR is the preferred way of online shopping with 88% of respondents answering they would rather engage with an AR experience than watch a video of the product. The results also show that 86% of consumers state that their preferred AR experience allows them to place the products they want to buy in their own space.

Moreover, a survey conducted by Digi-Capital show that 78% of millennial consumers & 44% of Gen Z consumers would like to see AR/VR incorporated into their retail experience.

Additional findings are listed below:

  • Consumers are extremely excited and positive toward the new technology with 90% reporting that AR is “fun”. They also responded  that AR makes them smile  (86%), improved their mood (60%) and engage them in more time than they initially intended (43%).
  • Intent to share AR experiences is very high. 75% shared their AR experience, and 52% took  several pictures of the immersive experience.


Survey responses were collected online, where 47% of respondents reported their gender as female and 53% as male.