Designhubz on, featured for transformative tech and business acumen

Original Source: | As seen on: 09.08.2020
SF and Dubai-based Designhubz CEO, Nadim Habr was recently featured on
Designhubz enables brands and retailers to sell their products in 3D and Augmented Reality (AR) on their websites and apps. With proprietary robotic rigs that enable instant digitization of physical inventories and a XR Commerce Platform that allows distribution of 3D and web-based AR immersive try before you buy online shopping experiences, Designhubz has been generating immense traction for partner brands and retailers. 
But that’s not the only reason why he was featured. It’s his approach to scalability, way of doing business and go-to-market strategy that garnered the attention. 
“You really need to put yourself into their shoes and look at your solution from their [perspective]. What is the most important thing for them? Is it how you are going to increase their sales? Increase their conversions? Decrease their cost? Really look at what you are supporting that is important for them and frame your frame your pitch to suit their needs,” says Nadim. “It’s also important to make sure that the problem you’re solving is a big enough problem that a lot of people want a solution to, this is how you know that you’re really building something that you will be able to scale up and have a meaningful company” he added.
Nadim also goes on to elaborate on the importance of referrals and network. After all, your ‘network is your net worth’ which led him to become a part of the prestigious Techstars accelerator program that connected him to big clients and investors alike.