Featured on CNBC: CEO Nadim Habr recognized as a Captain of Industry

Original Source: CNBC |  As appeared on: 24.02.2020
For revolutionising how brands and retailers digitize and sell their products in 3D & AR, Designhubz CEO was recently recognized as a Captain of Industry by CNBC.
In a humble conversation with CNBC’s Chris Bishop, Nadim sheds light on:
•  His journey from being a Mercedez Benz Engineer to the foundation of Designhubz
• How Designhubz is revolutionising the way people shop by offering the leading end-to-end 3D & AR solution for brands and retailers
• The importance of staying humble and learning from past mistakes and setbacks
• And last but not the least, the crucial role one’s network can play in their growth

Check out the full interview below: