Eyewear Competitive Analysis

Shopping for glasses and shades is always fun: shoppers try out different colors and sizes, classic models or more eccentric shapes. Buying eyewear in a boutique has been the way to go, since it’s important to see how the item stands on the face, if it squashes the cheekbones or on the contrary, feels like floating.
As Bob Dylan used to say, “Times They are a-Changin” and technology has had an enormous impact on consumer behavior. According to eMarketer
, the US ecommerce market “will surpass 10% of total US retail sales for the first time in history”.
That’s where Designhubz comes in. A year ago, we introduced the Facial AR Try-on functionality. It’s web-based, and available across all browsers and devices. It’s THE solution that brings the in-store experience to any retailer’s ecommerce website or app.
Our Facial AR try-ons include:
·Extremely High Quality product visualization in 3D & AR
– Instant change of variation – no load time between different colors
We took it a step further, and we created a competitive analysis between our Virtual Try-On Eyewear solution and others available on the market, specifically our main competitors, Ditto and Fittingbox. And here we are, sharing our findings!
1. The mirror experience
When we go out shopping, we naturally take mirrors for granted as they’re everywhere, and they’re our only way to judge whether we will eventually purchase the item we’re trying on or not.
With online shopping, seeing our reflection with the product takes another dimension.
Ditto’s recorded experience is basic to say the least. You open your camera, and you are guided to turn your head left and right. After which you receive a recorded video of your face with the glasses. How time-consuming and non-intuitive!
Fittingbox has a live try-on feature, but it lacks the superior quality face-tracking functionality that Designhubz’s avatar has. It’s important to mention that all the products in our AR viewer blend with the lighting environment, while the other solutions don’t allow that.
2. The fit
The fit is one of the most important and tricky aspects of shopping. It makes or breaks a shopping experience, and can end up with returned products, refunds and broken hearts.
Ditto’s Pre-fit means that it does the eyewear fitting on the face before the experience on the platform. Which entails analyzing the recording of your face, doing the fitting, and then showing the result.
Fittingbox has no fit. They simply place the eyewear on your face, just like a Snapchat or Instagram filter.
While Designhubz’s solution does it all: our deep-learning algorithm provides you with the exact size and scale in real time.
3. AI recommendation
Ditto and Fittingbox do not have this essential and crucial step for a seamless shopping experience that we offer our clients. Our AI recommendation engine will give you eyewear options from the catalogue that you may not have considered, that would actually be the perfect fit for your facial features and shape.
4. Variations
This is where Designhubz also shines! When you try out a model that has several colors and variations, our AR solution let’s you instantly switch from one variation to the other, without any loading time.
5. Position
While Ditto and Fittingbox have a fixed positioning of the product, with Designhubz you can change the placement of your glasses from your eyes, to down on your nose. We’re all about that attitude!
6. 3D mode
And finally, one of our sexiest features: our high quality 3D modeling and instant swap between 3D and AR. You will have the product in all its 3D glory, with the tiniest detail in texture, color, and design.
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