Introducing Face AR Try-Ons: Now Let Shoppers Virtually Try Eyewear, Makeup, Hats and More

Picture this for a moment-

Your customers are flocking to your online shopping website to check out the catalogue of sunglasses, lipsticks or hats your brand sells. Not to any surprise, most of them have a look at your picture-perfect visuals but end up dropping out. Why?

They’re not confident about whether the item would look good on them, fit them or match their style. Not everyone though. A percentage of visitors (average of 2-3%) decide to take the leap of faith and order one or more of the products you have to offer.

However, when the products arrive, your customer realises that it doesn’t look good or their face (eyewear) or match their complexion (makeup) or even fit their head (hats). Now they have to return it!

In essence, not only are you losing customers to purchase indecision in the first leg, you’re ending up incurring additional return costs!

What if there was a sure-fire way to not only boost buying confidence but also drastically reduce return rates?

Introducing Facial AR Try-Ons

Today at Designhubz, we're excited to announce and introduce the launch of our brand new Facial AR® functionality. Retailers and brands leveraging the Designhubz XR platform can now allow online shoppers to:

Virtually try on glasses, shades or any other kind of eyewear

Place hats and caps on their head to see how they look and fit

Try out makeup products fro lipsticks to eyeliners and pick the ones that match their skin tone and style


The best part? The new try-on AR functionality is web-based, and available across all browsers and devices. Additionally, our Facial AR try ons include:

→ 100 % accurate size and scale

→ 1 simple tap to launch try-on mode

→ Colour, size and style customizations

Iterative innovation has always been at the core of our XR suite and after the success and adoption of our previous 3D & AR functionalities, we knew facial try-ons was something we had to deliver to our customers!”

– says Nadim Habr, CEO of Designhubz

Perks of Augmented Reality Powered Try-Ons

With the mass adoption of augmented reality growing by the day and pushing proven use cases and successful results to the limelight, we at Designhubz are super excited to accelerate how easily retailers and brands can leverage this immersive technology. Here’s why 3D & AR are making waves, especially at this time:

  • Try-before-you-buy like never before: With AR try-ons brands can empower online shoppers to buy products like they would do in-store- by trying it on themselves first. Essentially, closing the imagination gap between online and offline purchases. 
  • Removes purchase indecision and boosts buying confidence: AR enabled try-ons address and answer key objections that shoppers typically have when buying products online. Objections like:

– How will these look on me?

– Will it fit me?

– Will it match my face and style?

  • Reduces return rates: With online shoppers visualizing products with 100% accuracy and making more informed purchase decisions, they are bound to choose items correctly. This naturally reduces return rates as there is no room for confusion or mismatched expectations. 
  • Skyrocket your engagement and brand awareness metrics: As we’ve seen already with big eyewear brands like Warby Parker or make-up powerhouse Sephora, interactive facial try-ons not only engage loyal brand advocates but also attract new shoppers. 

Bottom Line

For brands and retailers, there has never been a better time to offer AR enabled try-ons online. Especially with social distancing in place and physical outlets out of the equation for the foreseeable future. 

The time to jump on board is now.

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