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Augmented reality and the Fashion Industry

Technological advancements like augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D visualisation in the fashion industry are here to change the boring online shopping experiences which we’re used to. Aiming to increase online retail revenue and simultaneously deliver customer-first experiences, both 3D and AR enable shoppers to view products in real life, integrating in-store try-before-you-buy behaviour with the digital extension and, therefore, drive online sales.

 Agree that a brand that offers 3D/AR is forward-thinking and modern

Of consumers agree that they’d like to be associated with any brand that uses 3D, AR or VR

Consumers would feel engaged with a brand that sponsors AR/VR experience

Consumers say they are more likely to purchase from a brand that delivers an AR experience

“Augmented reality is going to change the way that the fashion industry creates, showcases and retails its products. The year ahead will see an explosion in opportunities for this immersive technology to totally redefine what we understand as fashion today,” said Matt Drinkwater, head of the Fashion Innovation Agency.

How are fashion retailers leveraging augmented reality and 3D to boost sales?
  1. Virtual try before you buy – Offering online customers a seamless experience of trying on products and see how they looks on him or her to remove hesitations, encourage purchase completions and reduce returns.
  2. Enhancing an in-store experience – retailers are utilising augmented reality to drive traffic into their physical storefronts.
  3. Engagement and awareness – where brands are increasing awareness and their social existence using AR and 3D by showcasing specific edge-cases of their own identity.
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Looking for augmented reality or 3D solutions for your online fashion store?

We use the latest augmented reality and 3D technologies for fashion retailers to maintain immersive customised content, create long-term, sustainable growth and stay ahead of the tough ecommerce competition. Simple steps to go AR with designhubz:

  1. Designhubz team help you to define the scope and understand your business needs.
  2. Turn 2D images of your products into 3D then get them AR-ready.
  3. Publish and embed your AR-Enhanced products instantly and share everywhere.
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