How did the Spatial Augmented Reality (SAR) technology change the world of eCommerce – Designhubz

“Select an item, add it to your cart, and check out.” When it comes to eCommerce, this simple series of clicks has made our lives easier. For a long time, people have been shopping online. However, our heavy usage of this tool revealed a whole slew of issues we hadn’t seen previously. The inability to exchange or return things is a widespread problem that makes us wary of shopping online. What if it isn’t a good fit? What if it doesn’t turn out well or as expected?

Online 2D product visualization has been proven to be ineffective in resolving such issues. As a result, new technologies have emerged in recent years. Creating VR automation allowed us to fully immerse ourselves in 3D product visualization, removing that “blocking wall.” Despite the fact that this approach solves a wide range of issues, this doesn’t negate that it limits the capacity to interact with data.
As a result, Spatial Augmented Reality (SAR) came into being. When combined with a high-resolution monitor, this function offers a unique combination of spatial thinking, tactile action from within, and thorough viewing of information. In other terms, it enables real-time visualization and interaction with animated products.
IKEA, Sephora, Nike, Converse, Burberry, and GAP are among the many companies that have used Spatial Augmented Reality technology. It not only assisted their customers in making the best product choices in the world of eCommerce but also empowered them to place and envision themselves in their own surroundings without the use of any headsets or hands-on devices. Your mobile is all they need to indulge in that experience. Additionally, it made the online shopping process more enjoyable, which resulted in more conversions and less return rates.
 In fact, marketers confirm that Spatial AR has been increasing companies’ revenues by almost 90% when engaging with this technology. The best part is that giving their audience this option has also been improving their reputation and been helping both parties to form stronger relationships.
We, at Designhubz, offer Spatial 3D and Augmented Reality services that are ideal for furniture and home goods, kitchen, home, bath appliances, apparel, as well as collectibles and toys. We have worked with major brands such as IKEA, TATA group, Samsung, and many others, for which we integrated our technology directly onto their website, app, and social media channels, without any third-party interfering.
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