Immersive Commerce: How to create conversion boosting 3D and AR product views for your online shopping website

Quick quiz: which of the following do you see your brand doing?
a) Using countless product images and videos that produce dismal conversion rates in the range of 2-4%, OR
b) Delivering an online shopping experience that skyrockets consumer buying confidence and drastically increases your conversions
If the last statement resonated with you, you’re going to love what’s coming next. 

The Booming World of Immersive and Virtual Try-On Commerce

It’s a well-known fact that brick-and-mortars see higher conversion rates for one key reason- the ability to see, examine and try-on products before buying them. On the other hand, when it comes to ecommerce, product visualization has been limited to static photos and videos- resulting in lower buying confidence and conversion rates. 
Not anymore. 
Today accessible and ROI driven technologies like 3D & Augmented Reality present brands and retailers with a way to replicate in-store like experiences, online. Novel, good-to-have technologies at first, both 3D & AR have evolved massively over the past few years paving the way for a new standard. 
In fact, brands like IKEA, Target, Gucci, Burberry, GAP, Nike, Converse, RayBan, Warby Parker, Sephora (to only name a few) that offer AR-enabled shopping have seen results too valuable to ignore. Let’s have a look. 

Creating conversion boosting 3D and AR product views with Designhubz XR

It comes as no surprise that this time consuming and investment heavy process has turned many brands away from adopting powerful immersive technologies. Up until now. 
As an industry leading solution for 3D & AR asset creation, management and pipeline automation, Designhubz XR helps brands and retailers convert their physical product inventory into ready-to-use 3D & AR product views in no time. The best part? 3D/AR visualizations made on Designhubz can be shared across the web and accessed by shoppers via any device, browser or app. 

Three digitization methods

As you’re probably aware, to create AR enabled assets first you need 3D versions of your products. To ensure that our platform can be used by brands of all shapes and sizes, Designhubz offers 3 different digitization techniques:

1. From scratch with fully automated digitization rigs

As opposed to investing thousand of dollars into professional 3D photo shoots and then using a software like CAD to add texture and depth, at Designhubz we are equipped with our flagship digitization rigs. These automated and portable rigs scan your products across 360 degrees and generate their accurate and digital 3D versions. All you have to do is place your product in front of it!

Once the rigs create 3D versions of your products, they get directly uploaded into your Designhubz XR account. 

2. Converting huge product files into ready-to-use 3D assets

When it comes to manufacturing, most development processes start with the creation of digital 3D prototypes. Especially if we look at the furniture, fashion, electronics, automobile and home appliance industries. 
95% of the time these files are huge and unusable as they contain every detail of manufacturing. Plus the files themselves need to be compatible with the platform you want to use it on.
On Designhubz XR, you can simply upload these existing 3D files from AutoCad, Rhino, SolidWorks, Blender, Fusion360, DraftSight, Clo, Optitext, Solid Edge or any other 3D design platform and our smart optimisation algorithm reduces the file size by 60-90%, without any distortion or reduction in quality- making them usable. Once optimized, your files are converted into all compatible file formats so that you can use them across any platform on the web.

3. From scratch with a team of 3D and CAD experts

In rare scenarios where your physical inventory is not accessible, Designhubz can support your brand with a team of 3D and CAD professionals. Our team of experts work hand in hand with you to accurately model digital versions of your inventory, directly from your product images or videos.

Creating AR views from your 3D assets

Once your 3D files are created by any of the above mentioned methods and are uploaded into your Designhubz account, our proprietary algorithm® kicks in to automatically create realistic and accurate AR views of your products. Our AR algorithm uses depth detection, correction and AR rendering to generate high quality visualizations.
You can access and view all your 3D & AR views in the asset library inside your own Designhubz account.

Easy to share and distribute across the web

To make distribution and publishing of your 3D & AR product views as hassle-free as possible, Designhubz offers 2 options. Each visualization or try-on comes with its own-
i) Code snippet for you to simply copy paste into your product pages or website
ii) Customizable URLs that can be shared across the web- be it on your social media channels or standalone marketing campaign

AR You Ready?

If you’re curious to understand how can you leverage 3D and Augmented Reality in your online shopping experience to bring your products to life and drastically influence purchase decisions, schedule a quick demo to see how Designhubz’ web-based 3D & Augmented reality platform can get you there.