AR Made Easy: How To Create Augmented Reality Content For Your Brand or Ecommerce Website? (Without Coding)

Immersive augmented reality (AR) powered experiences are no longer a thing of the future. Today, AR is one of the most valuable and popular technologies out there. The best part? It’s within arms reach of brands and retailers that want to keep up with changing customer expectations.
In the quest for a sure-fire way to boost online buying confidence and reduce return rates, since last year augmented reality has been emerging as a serious contender. Now more than ever, when safety, convenience and comfort are in question- AR stands to be one of the most useful technologies for brands looking to replicate in-store buying experiences online.
In this article, we’re sharing the easy steps involved in creating immersive AR experiences with Designhubz as compared to traditionally time-consuming coding or 3D modelling processes. 

Before we jump into the steps, it's important to note that AR can be used to power a variety of immersive online shopping experiences. Here are the top three:

i) Virtual Try-Ons which allow online shoppers to try on everything from clothing, accessories, footwear, eyewear directly on themselves, rather than looking at a generic model- all from the comforts of their homes.
Why it works? Online shoppers get a real sense of how a product will look on them, similar to in-store trial experiences. 
ii) See it in your space or at-home-placements which are especially handy for furniture, home decor and appliance brands. 
Why it works? Consumer questions like how big is this sofa? Will it fit in my room? Will it even match my interiors are all automatically answered as they place the item in their own space- allowing them to judge style, size and fit. 
iii) Virtual store aisles which mimic shopping in a store with actual physical aisles.
Why it works? Traditional in-store shoppers prefer the notion of organized aisles where they can navigate and see products themselves.  

How to create AR assets for your brand website?

With mixed reality especially augmented reality becoming commonplace for customer-oriented brands and retailers, creating AR product views is by no means as difficult or time-consuming it has been so far.
That said, here at Designhubz we take great pride in offering a ready-to-use XR platform with one of the fastest digitization processes in the game- even if you have zero coding or 3D design knowledge.
So without further ado, here are the exact steps to create an AR powered shopping experience with Designhubz:

Step 1. Create your Designhubz account.

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Step 2. Digitize your physical product inventory into 3D assets with our fully automated robotic rigs

Once you create an account, we send you our fully automated digitization rigs, completely free of cost.

As you’re probably aware, to create AR enabled assets first you need 3D versions of your products. However, as opposed to using a 3D design and modelling software which is not only tedious but extremely time-consuming, our rigs are equipped to scan your products across 360 degrees and capture a 3D version. All you need to do is place your product in front of it! 

Here, take a look at a 3D version of Air Jordans created on Designhubz:


Step 3. Let Designhubz convert your 3D assets into AR-ready views

Once the rigs create 3D versions of your products, they get directly uploaded into your Designhubz account. This is where our AR algorithms kick in (learn more about how it works) to create realistic and accurate, at-scale AR views from the 3D versions of your products.

Step 4. Login to your Designhubz account and navigate to the XR Commerce library

Here you will be able to view all your 3D and AR assets- automatically uploaded by the digitization rigs.

Note: Designhubz uses correction and rendering algorithms in the background that automatically optimizes your assets for high quality and fast loading.

Step 5. It’s time to publish and share!

In your library each AR product view comes with its own:

i) embed snippet for you to copy paste on your website or product pages.

ii) URL to share across your social media channels.

The best part? 3D and AR content created on Designhubz don’t need a standalone app to work. All assets are web-based, and available work across all browsers and devices- at scale. 

There you have it. 5 simple steps to convert your physical products into AR assets for online shoppers to virtually try-on or visualize your products on your website.

We'll ride this out, together!

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