Designhubz: who are we and what do we do?

At Designhubz, our vision is to create an  Ecosystem     where the digital and physical realms merge into endless possibilities We entered the business to solve an alarming problem in the online Retail and eCommerce industry which is to enable online shoppers to Virtually Try Before they  Buy. Designhubz empowers eCommerce & Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) shopping with 3D & Try-On AR technologies. Working with companies like IKEA, TATA Group, Samsung, Falabella, and others, Designhubz has demonstrated its capacity to assist businesses to achieve exponential growth in sales, and customer loyalty, and a drastic decrease in returned products.

Spatial 3D and Augmented Reality

Shopping is no longer the same as searching for products on the internet. We provide companies with an immersive Spatial 3D and AR experience that allows customers to visualize products like furniture, appliances, home decor, and others, in their own environment. These items may be viewed via any browser or device, and they have the same exact fit and size as they do in the real world. This solution is ideal for removing shopper’s concerns about online purchases or providing them with an interactive and entertaining buying experience. Up until now, this solution has been put to work on furniture and home products, kitchen, home, and bath equipment, clothes, collectibles, and toys.

Try-on Shoes Augmented Reality:

Are you a footwear company? This try-on shoes AR is designed to draw your attention, as well as the attention of your consumers. The try-before-you-buy shopping experience is advantageous to every element of your organization, including increased conversions, improved customer service, and reinforced loyalty and credibility. When customers can see how an item will appear on them, they are more inclined to trust your brand. Furthermore, due to its superior texturing, real-time shadows, and light adaptability, our try-on shoes augmented reality is highly realistic and accurate.

Try-on Eyewear Augmented Reality:

Why buy offline when you can bring the actual world into the comfort of your consumers’ homes via any browser or device? Your eCommerce visitors will be astonished by the fascinating realistic frame visualization that fits and tracks every aspect of their faces with our eyewear AR solution. Not only that but our AI engine is programmed to provide suggestions for designs and sizes to potential customers. When statistics show that companies who use augmented reality in their shopping experience witness conversion rates improvement by 40%, you can rest assured that the try-on eyewear solution is critical to your company’s success.

Try-on Makeup Augmented Reality

Which shade of shadow is best for my eyes? Does the hue of this foundation compliment my skin tone? Visitors may be hesitant to purchase beauty goods online due to these and other issues. With our try-on cosmetics augmented reality solution, that’s no longer the case. Regardless of the beauty item that visitors are interested in, allowing them to virtually sample your items breaks down boundaries between you as a company and your prospects. This purchasing experience will surely set your business apart from the competition and make it unforgettable.

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Designhubz X Samsung: Creating the Next Generation eCommerce shopping experience

With the fast-paced environment we live in nowadays, it is pivotal to always keep up with our surroundings. One of the things customers are adapting to lately is the online shopping experience. Being physically present in a store is now considered old-fashioned and a waste of time. Instead, people transited to online shopping, which indeed saves time but usually comes with a cost. There is no guarantee of accurate quality, size, or fit of products, which may leave online buyers frustrated and disappointed.
Therefore, we, at Designhubz, in partnership with Samsung, decided to shift our focus to provide users with a hassle-free online shopping process when looking for fridges and washing machines. Consumers are constantly and haphazardly being sold products and bombarded with annoying ads they most likely are to ignore. It has been this way for many years but has now come to an end with our advanced 3D and AR technology. With our try-before-you-buy technology, you can now easily place Samsung fridges and washing machines in your desired space with the exact size and fit, directly from your device without having any third party intervene whatsoever. Our Web-based AR technology works in any web browser and on any device be it iOS or Android.
Not only that, but we also worked on upgrading the interactivity level of our Augmented Reality offering by giving users the ability to virtually open fridges’ doors, see them on the inside, and choose the option that best meets their needs. With that being said, we are providing viewers with the power of making the most convenient and practical decision during online purchases.
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