Designhubz provides Tanagra a Spatial AR technology solution

In today’s retail, augmented reality is offering innovation that is redefining the online purchasing experience. Every second, new trend emerge bringing new possibilities and learning experiences for retail sector professionals. Customers now not only value utilizing AR applications, but they are also becoming increasingly reliant on them to make purchasing decisions.
With a keen on keeping up with the trends and providing exceptional experiences for consumers, we collaborated with Tanagra, a luxury homeware eCommerce platform, to revolutionize the way shoppers buy online. We have been working on integrating our Spatial AR technology solution within the company’s website, as well as its application on both Android and iOS devices.
What does that mean for viewers? As a result of creating digital twins of initial products in 3D models,  shoppers can visualize the digital twin of the AR enabled products in their own space. As of now, our provision of this seamless integration of 3D and augmented reality will allow people to directly interact and engage with products, making them almost “tangible” and easy to access. Whichever they choose, they will get the chance to perceive its real size, fit, and style as if it were right at their fingertips. This will also remove online shoppers’ doubts and uncertainty about a wide range of items and significantly decrease return rates, which can turn into a huge hassle.
Are you looking to upgrade your audience’s online shopping experience, just like we did with Tanagra, to a more engaging, interactive, and effective one? Schedule a demo now to learn more about how we can help you do so.
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