Introducing the right eyewear buying experience

When potential customers on your website are confused about:

How will these sunglasses look on me?
Will this frame suit my face?
Which colour shades and frame will look good on my face?

Take care of these pre-purchase hesitations and more:

By offering online shoppers the option to view your products in 3D and examine them from every angle
Let shoppers try-on eyewear directly on themselves and check size, fit, style and color

Help customers find and buy the perfect frame

Real-time effortless try-ons

100% realistic frame visualizations

Accurate fitting with face tracking

Style and size suggestions powered by our AI recommendation engine

Quick conversion of physical inventory into ready to use AR try-ons

One-tap to launch try-on mode

of consumers prefer to shop on sites that offer augmented reality shopping
of consumers prefer to use augmented reality to view product variations such as colour and style differences
increase in conversions reported by brands that have adopted 3D & augmented reality in their online shopping experience

AR you ready to take your online experience and conversion rates to the next level?

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