Try-It-Yourself: How 3D & AR Powered Virtual Try-Ons Are Reshaping the Online Makeup Industry

If there’s one thing technology has proven time and again it’s that it changes everything it touches. And right now, we’re in the middle of yet another technology-powered evolution. 
The integration of try-on technology into online shopping is quickly becoming a given standard for the makeup industry. The reason for this is two-fold. First, the impact of virtual AR try-ons on online buying confidence, purchase decisions and sales is massive, to say the least. Second, it has become easier than ever for makeup and beauty brands to leverage and seamlessly deliver AR across the web, at scale. 
Let’s deep dive into how virtual try-on AR is reshaping the makeup buying experience by addressing key concerns and questions that shoppers usually have:

1. Answers critical questions like, how will this shade look on my face and will I like it?

There’s no denying that the purchase path for makeup has for far too long depended on physical stores- essentially due to the ability to try out testers and samplers. Be it for lipsticks, eyeshadows, foundations, blush-ons or concealers.
In other words, being able to try an item on or out in real-time is a valuable part of the buying process. 
With virtual try-ons, shoppers can now see for themselves how a product would look on their own face- removing the need to visit a physical store. Questions like “how will this lipstick look on me?” or “will this shade of foundation go with my skin tone?” are all answered, giving them the ability to buy with confidence. 

2. Give shoppers the ability to easily compare different shades

When it comes to buying makeup products, shoppers typically want to compare different shades and choose the ones that suits them the best. 
With the option to interact with the various shades, virtual try-on AR is super powerful in the sense that shoppers can easily see and compare all the available shades of any product, and make informed confident purchase decisions. 

Bottom Line

As a makeup brand if you are yet to adopt virtual try-on AR, you might be losing out to your competition. Especially when shoppers are now expecting this from your category and your brand. 
Good news is you can leverage face try-ons with Designhubz’ AR suite which is tailormade for makeup brands in terms of accuracy and customization options. So don’t wait up, schedule a demo to learn more about how you can start engaging and converting your online shoppers today.