Bring Your Furniture Catalog to Life With 3D & Augmented Reality

For far too long, furniture shoppers have depended on visiting a physical store where they can actually see, touch and feel a product than go online and make misinformed purchase decisions that only lead to crippling return rates.


Not anymore.

Introducing the right online furniture buying experience that improves conversions and drastically reduces returns

Empower online shoppers to place, visualize and buy products from the comfort of their homes

And checking the size, style, fit, texture and material of your products.

Address key buying objections and questions

Will this sofa fit in my room? will this table match my interiors? is the lounger too bulky for my living room? what is the material and texture of this couch? and much more.

No coding, CAD or AR expert needed

Convert your entire physical inventory into 3D & AR visualizations with our out-of-the-box automated digitization process.

Robust 3D & AR asset management

View, manage and publish product visualizations across any channel at scale with the Designhubz XR platform.

Works across all browsers and devices

Now online shoppers can interact with your immersive product views without downloading any app or buying any additional devices. Our technology works directly on your brand's website, app and social media channels.
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The future of online furniture shopping is here!
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