Designhubz collaborates with India’s TATA Cliq for eyewear and makeup Virtual Try-On Features (Augmented Reality Try-On)

Augmented reality is currently being used in practically every industry of eCommerce. This technology transformed our purchase habits, turning decision-making processes easier, faster, and more enjoyable and efficient.
As a result, we at Designhubz, in collaboration with TATA Cliq, India’s leading premium eCommerce platform, are gearing ready to push this automation to new heights. With the newest methods and great attention to the smallest details, we’re changing the way you buy online.
With our try-on eyewear AR technology that we integrated for TATA Cliq’s eCommerce websites and in their iOS and Android apps, online shoppers will be able to try any eye-wear product, see them on their face in the finest quality ever experienced, with the exact size and fit; and are able to instantly change color variations or models. Moreover, online shoppers can enable 3D mode which shows a full 3D product visualization of the eyewear.
Not only do we offer eyewear goods that you can try on and see in high clarity on the internet, but we also have a try-on makeup AR option. There won’t be any need to visit a physical store anymore. Shopping is no longer confined to one single location. Instead, you may purchase whatever goods you want from wherever you want. You can now apply lipstick, eyeshadow, and any other cosmetic product to your own skin in real-time with just a single click.
For both experiences, the incredible technology does not end here. We have pushed it even further that it does not resemble anything you have witnessed before. After thorough considerations, we decided to come up with a favorable solution to all, from all aspects, especially to those who dislike shopping on their own or are even usually indecisive.
Therefore, we created a cutting-edge AI recommendation algorithm that examines all of your facial measurements and traits. This state-of-the-art technology provides you with a hyper-personalized shopping experience by suggesting the best and most appropriate products for you. From now on, consider it your forever shopping partner.
Rest reassured, we are bringing products to life to remove any uncertainty you might have and provide you with the right solutions you need in the process.
For now, you can visit TATA Cliq’s website to immerse yourself in the experience we tailored just for you, but keep in mind that we will be available next month on Android devices.
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