Designhubz X Eucerin: Where Skin Care Products and AR Technology meet

Skin problems are irritating, and the long treatment process can sometimes be frustrating. We have all been there, overwhelmed with the “What if…” that has resulted in some kind of low self-esteem and self-doubt. Since the history of Augmented Reality  proved to have satisfied consumers’ shopping experience, we are once again offering you our special virtual try-on feature that is designed to give you the hope you need to move forward and anticipate efficient results when it comes to using the best skin care products.
That is why we are proud to announce our partnership with Eucerin to offer you just that. We have never been that excited to further expand our AR technologies to not only encompass makeup, eyewear, and footwear try-on but to also show results of using quality skincare products. When dermatology and Augmented Reality tech development meet, you get to live a unique adventure that drives you to a whole other realm.
When partnering with Eucerin, we had one goal in mind: empowering the brand to make the most out of it, meet customers’ satisfaction, and exceed any expectations. Therefore, we stressed the importance of turning the virtual try-on process into a simple and easy one by integrating our technology within their eCommerce website. In other words, consumers won’t need to be redirected to any other third-party platforms for them to witness products getting brought to life. They will be able to immerse in this new AR technology directly right from the company’s website.
Are you looking to upgrade your online shopping experience just like we did with Eucerin to a more engaging, interactive, and beneficial one? Book a demo now to learn more on how to do that.